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Who is the AHM customer?

Are you… on the road all the time for work? …a busy parent that is constantly shuttling your kids back and forth to activities? …a single parent? …elderly and deciding to put off living in a facility and prefer to live at home? 

Do you find that contractors aren’t willing to do all the “smaller” jobs or repairs around your house, or if they do, their quoted prices seem unreasonable?

Do you value your “home time” simply enjoying family and home instead of attending to the seemingly endless upkeep and to-do lists?  Are countless trips to the home improvement stores taking up your otherwise enjoyable weekends? …then YOU are an Advantage customer!

In a nutshell, anyone who would take comfort in knowing that they have a skilled, trustworthy professional taking care of the upkeep, maintenance and safety of their home, is an Advantage customer. Regular maintenance and upkeep of your home systems ensures the efficient and safe operation of your entire home. A pro-active investment in a proper home maintenance program equals less time and money spent on costly repairs down the road. Deferred or reactive maintenance ultimately leads to more hassles and ultimately, a loss of value for your home.

AHM’s ideal customer base includes all of the following:

  • Single professionals
  • Dual income families
  • Private homeowners that are always on the go
  • Widows, Widowers and divorcees
  • Landlords of larger rental homes
  • Seniors aging at home
  • Residents of mid-size single family homes and large estates